Policies for The Pirate Club

Policy NumberTitleFileLast UpdatedNext Review
01Policy IndexAug 21Apr 22
02Policy for Admissions and Fees
03Policy for Anti-Bullying
04Policy for Arrivals & Departures
05Policy for Behaviour Management
06Policy for Safeguarding and Child Protection
07Policy for Staff Code of Conduct
08Complaints Procedure
09Policy for Documentation and Information
10Policy for Equal Opportunities
11Policy for Food and Drink
12Policy for Health and Safety
13Policy for Health Illness and Emergency
14Policy for Hygiene
15Policy for Involving and Consulting Children
16Policy for an Uncollected Child
17Policy for a Missing Child
18Mission Statement
19Policy for Mobile Phone iPad and Camera
20Policy for Partnership with Parents and Carers
21 Policy for Smoking, Alcohol and Drugs
22Policy for Social Media
23Policy for Staff Behaviour
24Policy for Visits and Outings
25Policy for Whistleblowing
26Policy on the recruitment of ex-offenders
27Privacy Policy
28Terms and Conditions
29Internet and Digital Safety PolicyAug 2021Aug 2023